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Archive for August, 2011

“52″ hosted by Greg Shapiro, in Amsterdam Sept. 6, Griffioen Theatre, 20:30

Come see Desiree perform “52 Man Pickup” in Amsterdam on 6 September at the Griffioen Theatre at 20:30. ¬†Click here for tickets.  

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Desiree Burch in Amsterdam on 09/06/10

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Awesome Review for 52 in Edinburgh

Check out this great review of 52 at the Fringe. Theatre review: 52 Man Pickup By Fiona Shepherd Published: 18/8/2011IT CAN be tedious enough listening to someone talking about one of their sexual conquests, let alone one for every card in the deck. But New York-based performer Desiree Burch is such a funny, frank, eloquent, [...]

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